Exciting Whitefield

Exciting Whitefield

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The Bible is full of answers to life’s most difficult questions. Often, the answer may not be what you think. Unfortunately, in our current culture, the Bible is misquoted and misrepresented by secular organizations trying to generalize what Christians believe about the hot-button topics of today.

At Whitefield, as part of our calling to Love Others, we dig deep into the Bible to discover what God really has to say about life’s hardships, dilemmas, contradictions, and challenges. We invite you to join us by attending our weekly Sunday School classes. Yes, we know that the words “school” and “class” don’t sound all that appealing, but don’t worry, it’s not the kind of thing you remember from back in High School. Sunday School is where we can gather in small groups to learn about the Bible and share in life’s joys and struggles. The people you will meet in Sunday School actually care about you and want to help. It is a great place to meet Christians who have spent their lives asking life’s difficult questions and then finding the answers in the Bible.

Face it, by the time you reached this webpage, you have probably tried just about everything you could to “fix” your life. Since nothing else has worked, why not give God a try?

Not fast enough?

If you don’t have time to wait for Sunday or don’t think the Sunday School thing is for you, that’s OK. There’s time for that later if you want. In the meantime, we have partnered with a ministry called “Trulife.org” to help get you an answer to your question. We encourage you to check out the videos on their website. They cover almost all of the major controversial topics of today (ie – homosexuality, marriage, evil, suffering, etc.) as well as offering clarification for what Christianity is all about in the first place.

How do I get “Saved”?

The most important question of all is the one about what happens next… after you die. If you have a “relationship” with Jesus, you go to Heaven. It’s that simple. Sound too simple? Well then, watch this video about the meaning of life.

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